Palen Music Center


Nate White believes music is designed to bring people together. For him, it teaches about harmony, collaboration, and authentic self-expression of the heart. While he knows music is for everybody, he thinks getting it in the heart of a kid who is willing to learn is nothing short of building hope for the future.  


Nate has been involved in a number of layers within the music industry. Whether it be as a dj on KRCU 90.9 FM Public Radio in Cape Girardeau, or a manager at Marshall Music Center, Nate is passionate about what he does. He currently works at Palen Music Center as the store manager and team leader. The company serves school music programs across numerous states with full line repairs and lessons. They test their daily activities and ideas with the theory, “how does this help kids and families make music?”


Nate is very musically inclined. He plays both guitar and keyboard, and is currently playing and writing songs for a country southern rock singer named Alec Davis. Aside from music, he is passionate about cooking with fire and excessive seasoning.


He joined the board last fall, shortly after Roots N Blues N BBQ, and is very excited to be a part of this organization.

Nate White

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