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I first performed my first Blues in the School program at the age of 19 in 1972, it was in 1989 however, that I organized my first national “Hope, Heroes’ & the Blues” with a grant from the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation. Since then I’ve seen over 450,000 students across 5 continents. Now on the dawn of 2014, these programs of Blues, Jazz, related roots music, African American history and so much more, are being internationally recognized for being a holistic hook and entry point into a plethora of the Common Core standards. They also help make education more relative to student’s lives, thereby helping students sustain interest, retain information as well as how to apply that knowledge. Hope, Heroes’ and the Blues build’s confidence, empathy, and overall character. All of this, while playing forward what is internationally regarded as one of America’s greatest cultural contributions to the world…Blues, Jazz & related roots music.?

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TJ Wheeler

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