Community Relations Director, Columbia Public Schools

Michelle is a firm believer in music being a tool of expression. She loves Blues in the Schools because of its ability to demonstrate the triumphs and struggles of our country through music.


After graduating from MU, Michelle pursued her degree in journalism for a number of years. She then began working in education at the state and local levels, where she has remained for over 20 years.  She is now the community relations director for Columbia Public Schools.


Michelle will travel near and far for a live music show – especially the Avett Brothers. While she has dabbled in both piano and flute, she now prides herself on being an enthusiastic fan of other’s art.


Her involvement with Roots and Blues began when she was an emcee for the very first Blues in the Schools performance in 2007. She has continued to be active in supporting the foundation since then, but officially joined the board in 2014.

Michelle Baumstark

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