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After seeing Blues in the Schools at the very first year of the festival, Richard knew the concept was a keeper. This gathering of Grant School parents, friends, and children at Flat Branch Park was an unforgettable and rewarding experience. Richard was impressed.


Music has been the central theme of Richard’s life. Growing up in the 60s, he was continuously surrounded by great music; he especially credits this to the British Invasion. He was able to make a career out of it, too. Richard was the owner of the Blue Note in downtown Columbia for 34 years until passing the torch in 2015. He loves Columbia, and has been involved in numerous boards and committees over the years.


Aside from music, Richard enjoys running, swimming, and playing golf. Despite his avid appreciation of music, he does not play any instruments and claims his art is “questionable.”


He has been a member of the Roots N Blues Foundation board since its creation in January of 2013.

Richard King

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