President Flat Branch Pub & Brewing

Tom loves the way music can not only fit, but also mold to different moods. He is a firm supporter of music in the schools, especially as it crosses borders and languages.


After graduating MU with a BA in Computer Science, Tom served for 9 years as a director of First National Bank and Trust of Columbia. In 1985, Tom co-founded Datastorm Technologies, Inc., and co-wrote the best selling communication software programs ProComm and ProComm Plus. Tom then began to pursue his love of home brewery, founding Flat Branch Pub and Brewing in April of 1994; he still remains the president now in its 19th year of operations.


Tom is an avid traveler, scuba diver and concert goer. While he used to play the trumpet and baritone horn, he now focuses on his consumption of local music.


Tom is extremely active in the Columbia community, and has been a member of the board since its creation in January of 2013.

Tom Smith

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