Blues In The Schools

The Blues in the Schools program was established in 2007 as an outreach to the community and as a gift to the kids at Grant Elementary School. The Roots N Blues Foundation has worked to expand Blues in the Schools and is currently providing the program to schools all over the mid-Missouri area. Our goal is to expand the program across the state of Missouri.

Fall 2017 Blues In The Schools Program:

Boys & Girls Club-Columbia Locations: September 18-21

Lange Middle School: September 19, 20, 26, 27

Columbia Independent School: September 19

Fulton Treatment Center: September 20

Battle High School: September 20, 29

CORE (Columbia Public Schools): September 21

Grant Elementary: September 22, 26-29

Kids Day at the ‘Blueseum’ (Museum of Art and Archaeology): September 25

Paxton Keeley Elementary: September 26

Russell Boulevard Elementary: September 26

Oakland Middle School: September 26

North Callaway School District: September 26

Harrisburg R-VIII: September 27

Early Childhood Special Education, CPS: September 27

Our Lady of Lourdes Interparish School: September 27, 28

Midway Heights Elementary: September 28

Lee Elementary: September 28

Benton Elementary: September 28

Alpha Hart Lewis Elementary: September 28

Mill Creek Elementary: September 29

Children’s School at Stephens College: September 29

Smithton Middle School: September 29

Hickman High School: September 29

Blues in the Schools Family Fest: September 30th 12-5, Stephens Lake Park Amphitheater



TJ Wheeler

TJ Wheeler

Music Educator

Jordan Thomas

Jordan Thomas

Music Educator

Fruteland Jackson

Fruteland Jackson

Music Educator

Glen Ward

Glen Ward

Music Educator

Jim Valley

Jim Valley

Music Educator


TJ Wheeler, Blues musician, historian, and educator

The power of Blues in the Schools is indisputable. It’s not only essential in creating young Blues enthusiasts, but in building character, pride in heritage, compassion, empathy, communication skills, conflict resolution and the importance of channeling one’s inner Blues in positive, creative outlet that makes one stronger from life’s challenges.

- TJ Wheeler, Blues musician, historian, and educator

Dr. Chris Belcher, former Columbia Public Schools superintendent

Music has always been used to pass tradition and history from one generation to another. Blues history is the history of our nation. Through the Blues students learn about pride, slavery, freedom, civil rights and the movement of America toward a more profound democracy.

- Dr. Chris Belcher, former Columbia Public Schools superintendent

Bev Borduin, former principal at Grant Elementary

The Blues in the Schools program has enriched the musical and social learning of the children at Grant Elementary School.

- Bev Borduin, former principal at Grant Elementary

Henry, student at Grant Elementary

Singing with TJ was great because it was fun to learn from someone who was an expert in the blues. I thought it was really cool that we got to write our own songs together and not just sing from a book. Writing, performing and recording our own songs made me feel like a professional!

- Henry, student at Grant Elementary

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